Come join us and Become a Royal Massage & Spa Member.* Save money on all services provided and lock in your rates for up to a year. Enjoy the membership packages and services as often as you like at the reduced membership price for your entire membership period. 

Your monthly fee is set for up to one year at the advertised rate at the time of signing.  Your monthly membership fee will not go up, but could be reduced to reflect Spa service rate reductions during your membership term.  Does not apply to promotional prices or specials.

As a faithful member, one massage session is included each month with your membership and all services and packages provided to members there after are at the reduced membership price for the remainder of each paid month. ** 

The included monthly massage session can be accrued if not used, and or shared with a friend or relative.  Member must be present to share for verification and member approval, or it can be given by you as a gift. If you have accrued massage sessions, just request a gift card when you visit us and share it with whomever you like for whenever they like.

Gift sessions can also be purchased at your reduced price for your 1st time guests to the Royal Massage and Spa. 

If your guest becomes a member, and you are a current member at the time of their membership signing, you will accrue a complimentary gift card that you can use or give to your friends or family. ***

Becoming a member helps to support this Spa and ensure a long lasting therapeutic relationship for you and our team.  We are open to suggestions for improvement at our Spa and towards the membership policies.  As a Member, you are an integral part of the Royal Massage & Spa and we would like your input to shape this Spa into a wonderful experience for you and for all members.  Membership also gives you access to future bonuses, promotions, and events throughout the year.

Help us to grow and to become your favorite relaxation and rejuvenation team. Enjoy access to future facilities as we expand throughout the Peninsula. Our goal, is to provide great services, comfortable facilities, for faithful members, and to expand throughout California and the USA.

* Membership requires a monthly payment plan agreement, for upto one year, or an up front  payment for as many months as you would like. Cancel membership without a penalty. Just give us two weeks notice prior to your effective cancellation date.  No refunds for the month of cancellation. Pause your membership once a year for upto three months and maintain your locked in monthly membership fee.

**  Membership prices are reserved for members only, except when approved, validated, and given as an accrued gift by a current member, or purchased  as a gift for 1st time friends or guests of Royal Massage & Spa members.

***  Complimentary Gift Cards  require a minimum of 3 months of your consecutive membership to achieve and recieve the gift cards.

Royal Massage & Spa reserves the right to cancel or deny membership to anyone, as they see fit, to maintain a safe, clean, friendly, and comfortable Spa for all members and employees. 

If membership has been canceled for a subject member, any fees that have not been used, ("no services received by member during the month of cancellation"), will be refunded. Members determined to have caused malicious or irresponsible damage, by ignoring or disobeying safety rules and procedures, or by physical damage to the Royal Massage & Spa, including the membership, property, employees, reputation, surrounding property, or to any or all of the above, or that may hinder or prevent their ability to operate, are subject to, but not limited to, membership cancellation.  Any said violator, may also be prosecuted, if warranted and is subject to court costs, attorney fees, cost of repairs, lost earnings, and all replacement costs.  These are last resorts but are sometimes required to ensure the safety, prosperity, and a pleasant environment to all staff, members, guests, or visitors of the Royal Massage & Spa. Please be responsible and respect our facility.  Have a great day and enjoy your visit.

Posted Date: September 8, 2014
663 S. Bernardo Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
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